Does Social Media Marketing work?

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Social Media Marketing

Does Social Media Marketing work?

Have you ever wanted to reach more people on social media, and highlight your business? Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to gain more exposure, likes, followers, and customers. There is a skill to providing valuable content that engages your audience. Building your fan-base can bring in numerous customers, and social media marketing, when done correctly, will yield excellent results!

What is Social media marketing?

"Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites." There are many tools that one can use to accomplish these goals. One of the best social media marketing platforms is Facebook. The process of creating advertisements, targeting your audience, setting budgets, completing website conversions, and tracking data is all part of the strategy. To answer the question, "Does social media marketing, work?" we have to put it into perspective - however the short answer is, yes.

Strategy meets advertising

While we are talking about Facebook, we will focus on that platform. With Facebook, you can create advertisements or boost your social media posts to attract new customers. You provide the content, including graphics and set your budget, keywords, and how you want your ad displayed. The strategy is how you provide your content. You want your content to be something of value, that catches the attention of your audience, and direct them with a call of action. Facebook allows you to choose your call of action, whether it be to gain more page likes, redirect to a website, download an app, purchase a good, and more... Setting up the ad is where the magic happens. Once you complete it, you send it off for Facebook's approval.

Organic Reach vs. Paid Reach

When you ad is approved, you will then be able to see your organic reach vs. paid reach. Organic reach is the number of users that actively share or like your page that are within your social graph. These are the likes you get from friends, friends of friends, etc. Paid reach, is the number of people that see your ad, that are not part of your social graph. These users are what you are actually paying for. Facebook will distribute your ad to people that you have targeted when you setup your advertisement. This data will help you, along with more information that you can pull, including link clicks, social engagement and more. The more you can get your advertisement shown, the bigger the potential for new customers. If your paid reach is large, but you have no engagement, that is a red flag!

Website conversions and tracking pixels

Another great feature with social media marketing, is the ability to add tracking pixels to your website. When done correctly, you will be able to see how many visitors are selecting and hitting your page. You can track that information, with the goal of turning those individuals into customers. There are techniques used, and strategies that can help with this. Placing the tracking pixel in the correct location is key, when reading your metrics.

Social Media Marketing is full circle... Creating the advertisement, sending it out, and watching your business growth through new customers. Social media marketing does in fact work. When deciding to run ads and marketing your business, this insight will help you better understand how it all works together. Remember, this is just one platform - Facebook. We have seen with our clients that the ROI is greatly increased with the correct strategy and engagement. If you are thinking about growing your business through social media marketing, we would love to talk to you in more detail about the basic fundamentals we discussed above. Call us today!

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