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We are the highest rated web design company serving all of the Central Valley - Over 30 5-star reviews in Fresno, and 40 in Visalia.

Anyone who knows anything about business and marketing understands the importance of a functional website. In today’s culture, we are so used to using a search engine to find all of our answers, so a professional website makes your business more trustworthy and legitimate to the customer. It’s purpose is to provide important information to the customer and answer immediate questions they might have about your business — even something simple, like a telephone number. Fresno California is all about business — big and small! There are numerous businesses in Fresno, anything from small coffee shops to large medical hospitals, who all have information that needs to get out to the world. Fortunately, that's what we do here! We are all about making your business look good and and getting you found on the web. We are a web design Fresno company who want your business to succeed, and having a functional, reliable, and beautiful website is the perfect way to get better business results. Redesigning a website or starting it from scratch is a very exciting process, and we take the time to discuss your needs as a business in order to create a website that makes sense to your customers, is easy to use, and provides all the information your customers might need. Our main focus in web design in Fresno is giving your site that “WOW” factor. We want it to be beautiful, and—most importantly—usable.

Our services include a variety of options. We offer:

  • Custom hand-crafted websites with quality aesthetics.
  • CMS (content management systems) using the latest technology.
  • Responsive websites - Mobile friendly versions of websites that work perfectly!
  • E-Commerce websites - We set up an online stores for your business, building out product variations.
  • Landing pages - for any business that wants to professional, yet simple site, to help them market their business.

During the consultation process, we get to know your business, your customer’s needs, as well as what you are looking to achieve, because the purpose of a website is to showcase your business and impress your clients! We’ve got all the technical aspects covered and will ask all the right questions so you never feel overwhelmed. All of our websites are custom designed, which include all assets, such as: icons, logos, images, banners, social media icons, and everything in between. When it comes to design, we will also go over branding with you, because we want to make sure your business image is accurately displayed on your website. We want your website to be cohesive with your brand and your mission. We will gladly take any specific content you have and incorporate it into a clean, custom design. Another very important perk is that all our websites are mobile friendly and are well responsive to all screen sizes so your customers can view your website from any device. With such a large city like Fresno, it's definitely full of opportunities but also plenty of competition, which makes web design Fresno more crucial than ever. We care about your business and want to make it look good so your customers can be impressed! With plenty of years of experience, you can trust us to create a high quality website that fulfills your business needs and expectations. Please contact us today! Come work with us, as we are the highest rated web design fresno company!

Digital marketing works for any business (of any size and type), so if you are a business owner in business-booming Fresno, then digital marketing is right for you. By standing out and engaging more customers, your business will thrive. We are a marketing company in Fresno who wants to help you grow your business and reach your goals!

We offer a variety of services, to help you reach more customers, build your brand, and tell your story, smarter. The website design industry has seen many changes over the last 10 years. We are in an age where we can create some incredible things for your business, including redesigning your website for all devices, marketing online to tell your story and bring brand awareness, creating behavior flows to see how users interact with your website, connect with thousands of people on social media, run advertisements across numerous social platforms, and so much more - all of which is backed by data that we can share, bringing immense value to your business.

Why Loops Marketing? We strive for excellence in all that we do! We communicate faster, live and breathe design, give you ideas that matter, create lasting professional relationships, and take your brand to another level. We deliver compelling messages to the world. We work smarter for you, not louder. Our secret sauce isn’t just in website design, though. It’s about building a relationship that you can trust, and being that team that you can depend on. Let us show you how we do business… We look forward to hearing from you.

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