Web Design in Fresno, California

A little insight on web design when considering a company to work with...

Web design Fresno

Web Design in Fresno, California

Loops Marketing proudly serves Fresno and Clovis, and has helped dozens of clients build their website from concept to completion. Our client’s will tell you that our process is painless, and we go above and beyond to help your business. Web Design Fresno Ca, and beyond.

Here are a few “Frequently asked Questions” that we think are important when considering a company to work with.

1. Do-it-yourself website builders. While these website builders come in handy, there are many reasons why this is a bad idea, when you attempt to do this on your own. The main reason why these do not work, is because websites are visual representations of your business. And without a design sense, or ability to produce stunning graphic design, your website will generally come out looking like a homemade website. Hiring a professional will ensure your website is done correctly, from layout, to graphics, features and interactivity. See our entire blog section on that, here.

2. Creating a website is more affordable than you think. Here at Loops Marketing, our websites, whether they are custom hand-coded, line-by-line projects, or custom ‘content management systems,’ that allow you to update your website yourself, the prices of such are not out of reach. There are many tools and resources available that make this process easy. One of the main reasons why our prices are so affordable, is because we are web design experts. Our team has backgrounds in user interface design, and user experience, which means, it takes us less time to get things done right. We focus on what matters, and that in the long run saves time and money.

3. SEO – Search engine optimization. You have an amazing website, and it really highlights your business, but now what? How do you get customers? The most effective way to get your website known, is to optimize the content so when customers search for things relating to your website, your name shows up in the search results. SEO is quite honestly one of the biggest pieces to the web-design puzzle. Our clients have seen tremendous business growth with SEO applied to their website. Loops Marketing would love to explain this in more detail, and prove to you the effects of optimizing your website. A free consultation to discuss your project is welcomed. Contact us to set up your appointment!

4. Technical settings and updates. Websites were meant to help your business. Not to become a stand-alone page that holds inaccurate data. We come across so many clients that have no idea how a website works, and truthfully, it can be confusing to some. We handle all the backend setup, email setup, getting your website out to the world. We teach you how to use your website. And we realize that you might forget how to work your website after a given amount of time. So we teach you again. We walk you through the steps, and make sure that you’re 150% prepared to get the biggest return on this investment of time and money.

The website design industry has seen a lot of changes. From the technology alone, there are some amazing things that can be created for your business. Web applications stretch far beyond the limitations of the 90s. Responsive design for one, which allows your customer to get a full experience on their cell phone or tablet is a must. Our web designs come standard as responsive designs. There is no additional fee for that. Selling product online is another big milestone. There are so many platforms out there that make it possible. We can create custom databases to get your online storefront established.

There are many web design companies out there. Sure… There are plenty of DIY website builders available as well. Within the Fresno area alone, there are several agencies that will do a good job. But Loops Marketing strives for excellence! We communicate faster, live and breathe design, give you ideas that matter, help build your business, build relationships, and take everything to the next level. The secret sauce isn’t just in the website. It’s about building the relationship that you can trust, that builds into your business. In a town like Fresno, Ca, that can be hard to discover… Let us help you find that in us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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